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Best Bluetooth Speakers

So you want to invest in bluetooth speakers but you’re spoilt for choice and want to find the right one for you. Well once again, we’ve done the homework for you and handpicked some of our favorites.


1. JBL Clip 2

Small but mighty, JBL Clip 2 is one of our favourite bluetooth speakers for its small compact size and full waterproof function. Apart from its unique size as far as bluetooth speakers go it also has a line-in wire that is integrated in the bluetooth speakers body so you don’t have to rely on bluetooth only.

If you’re after, design, weight and portability then this is for you. However, it should be obvious that due to its size, it does tend to distort at extremely high volumes and isn’t the best for ground shaking bass. It holds an impressive 8 hours battery life, and comes in 5 colours, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

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2. JBL Clip 3

Affordable and effective, JBL Flip 3 is splash proof and has great sound output for its size. With the use of its free official app, you can even connect multiple speakers to really make the most out of your experience.

Distortion is a lot less in this speaker than the Clip 3 as it’s a bit bigger so you can enjoy louder music without having to compromise on quality. It holds an impressive 10 hours battery life and also comes in 5 colours, so you can still opt for your favourite style.

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3. JBL Charge 2+

Handy and beautifully designed, JBL Charge 2+ is a lot like its cousin the JBL Flip 3 but comes with an extra feature that is quite cool indeed. It’s quite self explanatory actually, the Charge 2 + doubles up as an external charger for your portable devices. How cool is that?

With regards to sound, it’s capable of quite a lot of bass and volume for its size and most importantly price. With a built in speakerphone you can answer phone calls and its impressive 12 hour battery life ensures you can party for longer! The only feature we would like to see improve is probably its water resistance. Water resistance is great but waterproof would have been the best, apart from that it’s pretty awesome.

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4. JBL Pulse 2

Another one from JBL, this one isn’t just a speaker but also a glorious light show. It’s a similar size to the JBL Charge Plus 2 and sounds a lot the same. The speciality of this speaker is the impressive LED Light show that accompanies all your favourite songs, so you can set a beautiful display whilst listening to your favourite tracks.

Battery life is decent and lasts around 10 hours long, however when combined with the light show, it only lasts 5 hours which is probably the only downside to this speaker. Apart from that, this flashy speaker definitely stands out in the market and definitely is worth adding to your shortlist.

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5. Bose SoundLink Revolve

Now it’s time for something we can be sure to call quality, Bose. It’s like the Mercedes of cars and the dre Beats of headphones. Bose have introduced the SoundLink revolve in 2 versions and this is the smaller more affordable one, much like an iPhone and its bigger iPhone Plus.

SoundLink Revolve sounds excellent for its size and also features a tripod mount on the bottom so you can attach it to a tripod and place it anywhere you like. The design is simple, elegant and pretty easy to use. It also comes with an integrated microphone so you can use it as a speakerphone for phone calls.

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